University of Iowa

  • Semester: Fall 2017
    Course: BIOS6110: Applied Categorical Data Analysis
  • Semester: Spring 2018, 2019
    Course: BIOS5730: Biostatistical Methods in Categorical Data

The Pennsylvania State University

  • Semester: Spring 2015
    Course: RM420: Property, Casualty, and Health Insurance
    Description: This course provides a solid understanding of actuarial methods and concepts used to develop loss models for property and casualty insurance and health insurance. The course makes use of real world numerical examples in order to demonstrate how actuaries use historical claims and pricing data, both company specific and industry, to determine rates and increases. The class also gives students a foundation in Credibility Theory and simulation to prepare for the actuarial examination on loss models.
  • Semester: Spring 2013
    Course: STAT 319: Applied Statistics in Science
    Course website: Github page