STAT 319: Applied Statistics in Science

Spring 2013

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This web page, , is the official syllabus for STAT 319 in Spring 2013.

MODIFICATIONS TO THE SYLLABUS: All changes that have been made to the syllabus since the first day of class will be shown on this website in red. They will also be announced in class.
Time and Place MWF 03:35P-04:25P in 216 Thomas
Instructor Yuan Huang
Office: 418 Thomas
Office hours: M 2:30 - 3:30 / W 11:30~12:30
TA Ye Yu
Office: 418 Thomas
Office hours: Thur: 2:00~3:00 / Fri: 10:00~11:00
Purpose This course is a continuation of MATH/STAT 318 and covers statistical inference, point and interval estimation, hypothesis testing, regression and correlation analysis, and analysis of variance. Some computer analysis may appear from time to time as well.
Required Textbook Devore and Berk Modern Mathematical Statistics with Applications ( 2007)
Chapters Covered Chapter 6 - 12 (13, 14 if time permits)
Course Website: Please check it regularly and frequently.
You still need to use Angel to download the solutions and check your grades.
Grading There will be two midterms (15% each), a comprehensive final exam (30%), homework (25%), quizzes (15%). Final semester grades are assigned according to the scale:
93 - 100%    A        90 - 92%    A-        87 - 89%    B+       
83 - 86%    B        80 - 82%    B-        77 - 79%    C+       
70 - 76%    C        60 - 69%    D        0 - 59%    F       
Grade Calculator: 1. Use for grades before April 1st.      2. The amazingly comprehensive version.
  • Homework Homework is due by the beginning of class on its due date. Unless you inform TA at least 24 hours before homework is due about any extenuating circumstances, late homework will not be accepted. Late work is penalized 10% and accepted only if solutions have not been posted. I will drop one lowest homework.
    Solutions for each assignment will be posted on Angel, typically by the time the homework is returned to you. Homework will usually be returned within one week from the due date.
  • Quizzes Randomly timed, in-class quizzes will be given. Such a quiz might be announced or unannounced. No make-up quizzes will be given for any reason. However, I will drop three lowest quizzes.
  • Exams There will be two midterm exams on dates to be announced. The second midterm will not be comprehensive; i.e., it will cover only the period of time between the two midterms. If you must miss any midterm, you should provide a valid reason IN WRITING to the instructor 48 hours PRIOR TO the midterm. If you have to miss a midterm at the last minute for some reason, be sure to notify the instructor prior to the midterm time by email; in these cases, you should later back up your excuse with written documentation. An unexcused absence on an midterm date will result in a score of 0.
    The comprehensive final exam will take place at the registrar-designated time and place during the week of April 29 - May 3. Unlike the midterms, it will cover the entire semester and not merely the period after the second midterm. No rescheduled final exams will be allowed except for those mandated by the Penn State registrar because of conflicts. This means that you must attend the final exam and should under no circumstances make end-of-semester travel arrangements before knowing your final exam schedule.
  • Solution sets for the homeworks will be provided; login to the course ANGEL page to access them. You are strongly encouraged to learn how to do any homework problems you had trouble with, either by reading the solutions, discussing them with colleagues in the course, or asking questions of the grader or me. This is especially important in this course, where solving problems is absolutely essential to learn the material. I am happy to devote some class time to answering homework questions as necessary.
  • Don't overlook office hours (mine or the grader's) as a great opportunity to discuss homework, both past and present. You do not need an appointment to show up to office hours; simply walk in!
Academic Integrity The University policy on academic integrity, covering cheating, plagiarizing, and other acts of academic dishonesty, given in Section 49-20 of the Student Guide on Policies and Rules of the University, will be adhered to in this course. See Policy.html concerning academic integrity for details.
Other Course Rules
  1. Students are responsible for all announcements and supplements given within any lecture.
  2. If you need to leave class early, please sit in the rear and leave as quietly as possible.
  3. Please be courteous to your classmates and keep extra noise to a minimum.